Table of Contents for "How To Heal Your Broken Heart" Book


Section 1: Healing Your Pain
Chapter 1: How Important Is Time?
Chapter 2: Physical Feelings of Pain
Chapter 3: My Heart Feels Pain
Chapter 4: Why Do I Still Want My Ex?
Chapter 5: The Pain of Feelings of Failure
Chapter 6: Stopping Pain Resulting from Anger
Chapter 7: Anger at Myself for Getting into an Abusive Relationship
Chapter 8: Replace Pain with Possibility
Chapter 9: How to Deal With "How Are You Feeling?" Questions
Chapter 10: Why Did I Stay So Long?
Chapter 11: Best Strategies for the Painful Period
Chapter 12: How to Live in a Lonely House
Chapter 13: Getting over Being with That Person
Chapter 14: Why Is a Breakup So Ugly?
Chapter 15: How Long Will the Pain Last?
Chapter 16: Why Do I Let Him Hurt Me Again?
Chapter 17: How Do I Get Rid of Good Memories?
Chapter 18: Wasn't I Good Enough?
Chapter 19: How Do You Get Over Emotional Abuse?
Chapter 20: How Do You Forgive and Forget When You Are Hurting?
Chapter 21: How Do You Stop Feeling Jealous of Happy Families?
Chapter 22: Not Falling Apart During the Divorce
Chapter 23: Taking an Honest Look at Yourself
Chapter 24: Getting Past Pain and Opening to Love Again

Section 2: Letting Go
Chapter 25: Did We Try Hard Enough or Was Our Time Up?
Chapter 26: How to Deal with What Ifs and Should Haves
Chapter 27: Dissecting What Went Right or Wrong
Chapter 28: How Does One Give Up All the Issues?
Chapter 29: When Will I Stop Asking Why This Happened?
Chapter 30: How Do You Fall Out Of Love?
Chapter 31: How Do You Get Over the Guilt
Chapter 32: Getting to Sleep without Thinking of Your Ex
Chapter 33: Old Gift Cards from Your Partner
Chapter 34: Letting Go of Someone Who's Not Right for You Chapter 35: How Can It Be Natural to End All Ties?
Chapter 36: Getting over Your Ex and the Memories
Chapter 37: The Wedding Vow-Till Death Do Us Part
Chapter 38: How Do You Get over a Soul Mate?
Chapter 39: How Do I Get Closure If He Won't Talk to Me?
Chapter 40: Getting over an Ex When He Visits Our Son Every Day
Chapter 41: How Do I Get Him to Stop Calling?
Chapter 42: Can You Remain Friends with Your Ex?
Chapter 43: How Do You Deal with Your Family's Feelings?
Chapter 44: How Do You Explain the Breakup to Your Children?
Chapter 45: How Do I Feel Okay Without a Partner?
Chapter 46: Dealing with the Fear of the Unknown

Section 3: Moving On
Chapter 47: Single Biggest Thing to Move On
Chapter 48: How Long Do You Wait before a New Relationship? Chapter 49: Why Do I Keep Failing at Relationships?
Chapter 50: How Do I Find a Loving Partner Again?
Chapter 51: Keeping Past Hurts in the Past
Chapter 52: Staying in a Good Relationship with Your Kids
Chapter 53: Strained Co-Parenting Issues
Chapter 54: Knowing When You've Found the Answer to Lessons Learned
Chapter 55: Spirituality and Faith in Healing a Broken Heart
Chapter 56: Stories about Moving On



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